For some odd reason this will have you sitting in front of your screen playing this game for hours!

User Rating: 8.6 | 18 Wheels of Steel: Pedal to the Metal PC
This game has quite a few pros and cons. Lets start with the pros.

Overall this game is one of those ones that you can play for a hour and then go do something else. At the same time this game can get so addicting where you will be playing this for a few hours at a time. The game looks pretty darn good too. There is room for improvement but is still nice. It is also nice that you can import your own music into the game and listen to it while your driving from Mexico to Canada. The game is also loaded with many trailers where you can't drive all the trailers in 2 hours.

The sound is okay. The driving noises are unrealisitic (letting the air out of the brakes that stuff). Also the sounds when its raining it sounds like rocks are dropping on the truck. Also, when you are at a stop light they can tend to take a while. Also if you ever hit a car its like hitting a bouncy ball, they just bounce all over tha walls until they hit something and stop. Also there aren't as many cops as you would think there would be. There are also some little cons but those are the ones you can ignore.

So what I would do if I didn't know if I wanted to get the game is download the hour demo and then play the whole thing, then if you still think theres more you would like to play then buy it. Its only $20.

Also remember theres a newer one out now but if you aren't that good of a driver then you won't like that.