Very impressive sequel to Across America. All the bells and whistles you could hope for.

User Rating: 9 | 18 Wheels of Steel: Pedal to the Metal PC
Having moved from 18 Wheels of Steel Across America, I was optimistic that this next version was going to be even better. Once installed, i was skeptical of how you had to start out, working for an employer but I learned quickly that it's a short term idea and you can quickly move up into owner-operator mode. Kinda of a unique and fresh idea. There are alot more trailers and a few more trucks. The map is certainly larger extending down into Mexico and up into Canada along the US border. The map however is badly flawed not really showing you the way the routes and interchanges actually work leaving you sometimes going the wrong way. (actually alot like real life!) It seems as if there are less police and weigh stations than there was in 18WOSAA (not too much of a complaint here). They did add the ability to import you own music tracks in a couple different formats. I tried using the .wav method and it seems like it wants to crash the game on track changes. Kinda a bummer. I have yet to try .ogg format. The graphics have improved a bit and the diversity between the interiors is better too. The sounds and truck functions seem to remain basically the same using the same commands as 18WOSAA. Still, they seem to keep complete gameplay and use of options a secret as there still is not a more in-depth gamplay booklet with the retail box or in-depth readme gameplay file either. So like in 18WOSAA you still kinda left out in the cold to figure out some of the other fancier options added into the game. A big plus was the addition of the owner-operator able to schedule jobs for yourself and your other drivers ahead of time all from the notebook and also the addition of driver fatiuge to add to the realism (which can be disabled if so desired). Hotels and rest stops added for the 'fatiuge' and the repair facilities now have a couple different variations. A couple of other bummers are the fact that it appears that Forerunner is the ONLY dealership in the entire game even though there are several different truck makes and also the clock still moves a bit fast.... sit out a red light or two and you could be sitting for almost an hour! Not too realistic on that standpoint. And I'll agree with outher reviewers on the money issues, money is just too easy to be had and it does take away from some of the challenge of the game. (I'd like to see cargos pay even close to the rates they pay in the game, in real life!) I would like to see a possibility to add muitiplayer (though it may be difficult) just so you could run the roads with some friends online.

For the most part 18WOSPTTM is a good improvement over 18WOSAA but still has quirks to work out. Supposedly there is yet another 18WOS just added to this series that I have yet to play and I hope it can address some of these issues. This is a great game you can haul a few loads with and not feel bad about quitting early or it can grab your attention and the next thing you know it's been 4 hours and you'll be hard pressed to make "just one more run"! Just as most all of Value-Softs games, its price is very hard to complain about and is a good bang for the buck driver simulation. Definately worth a look.