Mindless shooting action as you might expect.

User Rating: 5.6 | You Are Empty PC
A lumberjack no BS review.

Gameplay/General: You are a no named character that wakes up to find the area you live in has been over run with weird mutants. Mutants range from blow torch wielding helicopter men to deformed nurses with double D breasts. The guns have a reasonable sense of power to them and enemies usually die in a satisfying manner limped over railings or dangling from roofs. When I first played this game I was thinking that it was going to be an FPS spoof. I was sorely wrong as it tries to take itself very seriously which you can tell right off the bat it is not going to succeed. Cutscenes are nicely stylized and are actually fairly good and present the story in a fun and unique way. Unfortunately it seems the game and cutscenes follow completely different styles and stories. Graphics: The graphics are very reminiscent of Painkiller with low poly characters but highly detailed world textures. This gives a nice look to the game a reasonable amount of the time. You will quickly notice though that the game offers no dynamic lighting what so ever and that every shadow and highlight in the game in the game is baked in. This leads to some areas of the game that look like they were taking directly from the Quake II engine. Another noticeable graphical issue is the horrible use of bullet decals. There are only a handful of decals and they are often shared between unrelated objects in the game. An example of this would be the damage decal used for concrete can also be found on curtains and car tires. Character animations are very rigid and often jerky especially the two or three npc's in the game. ( the first one you meet will give you a mighty good laugh as his eyes constantly twitch and his body contorts in strange ways)


Bad... I think that pretty much sums it up.