Nice game...could use some more polishing though!

User Rating: 8.1 | You Are Empty PC
In an era where all that matters is just the technical aspect of the engine(in terms of supporting trillions of vertices onscreen or 1gb textures)this game has a very old and outdated engine. The developpers obviously tried to include HDR and shader effects but the final result was very unstable. You can enable HDR effects and shader effects on the game .cfg files found on the My Games folder of your documents folder but the game will become choppy and/or unstable. Techicalities apart the scenario of the game is very good. The story is really nice if not a little over the top. The best thing i noticed were all the intermission videos which are made in a very comic style! They are the best ever to be featured in an FPS -pure work of art. In the art and ambience department considering the limitations of the engine the setting is really convincing with great propaganda posters hanging on the walls and many derelict buildings and factories. Audio-wise the game just hits the spot...industrial ambience, squeaky sound effects, water drops and the like make all this eerie atmosphere come to life. The music is at a very good level also with hard guitar riffs to aid you when the action starts. All in all a very good game that tries to be different -and sometimes succeeds- from what has come to be all the rage the latest years on FPS games. No team-based action here -at last- you are alone against hordes of monsters and mutated humans. No fancy UBER-hitech weapons either, the whole game has a retro 50-ish kind of look. At last a game that sports a very well written story. Great minus on the whole immersion experience is the really poorly made voice-overs for the english version of the game, they really make you wanna laugh even if the characters seem to say the most important things.

If you don't mind the outdated graphics engine -which doesn't look at all bad- and if you don't mind some less than b-movie voice acting, this game is for you. It has very nice atmosphere, you'll get a good scare and the story unfolds in a very stylish way with the intermidiate videos.