The Neon Singularity Move in Infamous First Light - The Lobby

Kevin talks Fetch and good looking colors in Infamous: First Light

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I loved the first Infamous (though not on my initial easy playthrough), and really liked Festival of Blood. Those are what keep me interested in the series, but the main game of two and even more so after all is said and done, Second Son weren't that interesting or exciting to me. I didn't hate them, or necessarily dislike them overall, but they weren't good enough in my opinion to make me become interested to see more Infamous after it, Second Son especially. I don't really want to play this DLC.


@NTM23 I got bored with Second Son after only a few sessions, it was too repetitive.  The world felt very bland and empty, they did basically nothing with the new hardware in terms of density, interactivity, AI for the citizens and traffic and so on.  So with nothing to do between the repetitive combat, I just didn't want to keep playing.