GS News - Industry profited at expense of children, says Yee

Leland Yee again points finger at games industry, admits he "didn't use the best words" in recent interview.

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yee's not wrong -- the industry *does* profit at the expense of children. it profits by selling games to kids that are arguably too young to be playing them and thus could potentially be subject to negative mental/emotional effects. (i also believe this has little to do with the shooting in CT.) The gaming industry doesn't do this quietly, and it doesn't do it alone. it does so in tandem with parents/adults who fail to adequately address real world issues that are simulated in games with their children who play.

i don't say this to give the industry a pass, but rather to recognize that all this is situated in a culture which unabashedly glorifies violence - esp. gun violence, not just in video games, but in nearly every form of media and even American cultural values --ya know, that good ol' 2nd amendment. and that's not to mention things like how amazingly easy our society makes it to acquire one of these glorified killing tools, or how it sensationalizes mass shootings (and thus shooters), oh and how we take utter and total sh** care of our mentally ill, to put it lightly.

but yeah, video games are definitely at the root of the problem.


Thank goodness we don't have these violent video games in Australia - just imagine the shooting rampages that we'd have here otherwise! Oh wait ...

This is opportunistic 'won't somebody think of the children' politics at its worst.


"Gamers dont have a say in this." Well, so much for democracy.


this guy needs to shut up...

he has no clue what hes talking about...

the industry has profited off of adults...

i dont know many children who have $60 to spare on games, let alone credit cards to purchase these games via download...

the ONLY WAY a child would have money for these games is through gift cards, rich parents who dont care how much money they give their child to spend on things, or through purchasing pre-purchased points/money...

this is a long stretch though...

so whos really buying the games, Yee???

do your research, since you seem to supposedly know "many gamers"

this guy is a joke...

please contact him through email & educate this fool..

the more people that contact him, the more he is put in check, & is told he is a fool for his foolish statements that have no merit..

heres his email address:


@TurambarGS no, you won't have shooting rampages there because yall actually enacted sensible gun control after your last mass shooting (mid 90s i believe?), something we can't even imagine


@QueerGamersXist Yes, I think you'd struggle to argue that that's not a large factor in the lack of mass shootings here. But on the other issue of video games and violence, you'd think that if video games were the cause of violent crime then we'd have similar levels of violent crime in Australia, which we don't.