An amazing game; a must-own for SNES owners.

Everyone's heard of Rare's Donkey Kong Country. It was one of the most popular games for the Super Nintendo and spawned a three game series, with each game being just as good or even better as the last. But how does the original game fare?

So, here's the story: the evil Kremling King K. Rool has stolen all of Donkey Kong's precious banana hoard, and it's up to you as DK and his partner Diddy Kong to defeat him and reclaim your bananas. You'll travel through worlds ranging from the jungle to the mines to the top of a snowy mountain, and eventually you'll face off against K. Rool on his ship.

The game starts out very easy, but you'll need to practice a lot if you want to make it past the later stages. It tends to get very difficult if you don't know the levels very well, but it'll come with time. The game sports simple controls and is a blast to play. It also offers a lot of variety, mostly in its level design but also because you get to play as two different characters, each with their own attributes. DK is the big guy who can somersault and pound the ground, and Diddy is the little quick guy who can do cartwheels and jump higher.

DKC plays like a standard 2D platformer, with lots of baddies and a boss fight at the end of each of the six worlds. The levels themselves range from jungles to underground mine cart rides, as well as Egyptian and underwater themed levels. The variety really is quite astounding and helps keep everything fresh until the very end.

There's also a two-player mode, where you and a buddy can either team up and play cooperatively, or play alternately against each other. Both are pretty fun, but playing alone is probably better.

The visuals look amazing and goes for an almost 3D look, and totally succeeds. The characters are very detailed and the backgrounds are simply breathtaking. It really is the first of its kind in the graphics department. As far as sound goes, the soundtrack is amazing, and crushing an enemy never sounded better.

Unfortunately, the game is sort of short. If you're going for a 101% run the first time through, it'll take you around 5 hours, but if you know where you're going it'll take you under two hours to complete. But overall, it's worth buying for the endless platforming fun it offers. An instant classic!