User Rating: 1.3 | Universal Studios Theme Parks Adventure GC
I wanted to see if playing a game this bad would be funny, and I was sooooo wrong. This is with no doubt the worst Gamecube game I have and one of the worst games ever made on the fae of this planet. All the things you do in the game are so stupid!!!!! Not to mention that they are boring as hell!!!!! A game in general is supposed to be fun, right? And a game shouldn't be boring. This is so boring that it gave me a headache and I felt that I needed to puke!!!! No kidding. The next thing is the horrible graphics. This is definitely NOT what the Gamecube could do. Here are some games on Gamecube that have amazing graphics: "Star Wars: Rogue Leader", "Metroid Prime", "Resident Evil 4", and other higher rated Gamecube games... The graphics of this game could be nothing more than pure crap. I have nothing more to say about this atrocious and hideously boring game. Just looking at it makes me sick and makes my stomach churn. Do not buy this game!!! It 'aint even worth spit.