UFC Trainer

User Rating: 8.5 | UFC Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Fitness System X360
As some one who has trained in martial arts along time I was keen to try out this game. I purchased the kinetic specifically for it. My style is Muay thai kick boxing. To begin with the warm ups are very genuine and are representative of the warm we do in class prior to a session.

The movements tend to be sharp and there fore one can easily injure or damage muscles if your not warmed up properly. I am impressed with the attention to detail here and obviously they want to avoid any law suits, The fitness had me quickly puffing. Its the usual diets of press ups, sit up , squats etc, but they do fine.

Now on to the training itself. The routines and are well demonstrated. The trainer explains to you how to do the prescribed punch , or elbow and gives a good description of how it should be executed. The motion detector is quite excellent. To begin with I was doing a simple jab , cross and elbow technique. Nothing to taxing as my blows hit the bag with a nice whack. You can get into quite a rhythm. The trainer remarks on your technique and I was impressed when he told me to pivot more and picks up on small detail of your form.

Initially the training sessions are quite short but I quickly started to choose my own and ramp up the challenge. I think this is a great game and a fun workout. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to get fit, have fun and also an introduction into kickboxing. Unfortunately there is no kick ing here but that really makes sense as kicking with a real target will just lead to all types of home disasters. There isn plenty of kneeing though so enjoy