If you're interested in MMA, or training like UFC fighters, do not overlook this no matter what people say.

User Rating: 8 | UFC Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Fitness System X360
Let me start by saying, I am not a UFC "fan boy". I have been training MMA for many years now...wrestling, jiu jitsu, muai thai...the lot, and I am impressed by this.

I haven't yet noticed any bugs that people are complaining about, and it hasn't frozen on me once. I jumped right in to a wrestling workout with "Greg Jackson" and before I knew it, after a short warm up, I was practicing triangle chokes in my guard (on my back). Heres the main point. You WILL get a workout, and you WILL feel it instantly IF you are doing the exercise correctly. They do a good job of displaying how to do the exercise and they give you a few practice shots, but the one thing I will say the need to do, and they dont, is correct your form if you are not doing it 100% correctly. The game involves many different workouts, stretches, and warm ups, and they all work. In fifteen minutes I had a very surprising sweat built up, and I have to say I never thought a video game could do that to me. Do not overlook this game if you are interested in MMA, want to learn some techniques, or especially want to get a workout in front of your tv that involves more than sitting on your couch working out a single bicep at a time (lol). Another main point. As long as you are in the "octagon" (the camera range of the kinect sensor), the tracking is spot on. I've "hit the bag" as fast as possible using body shots, uppercuts, hooks, kicks, knees, and the sensor caught it all, however if you are not doing the exercises correctly, say sit ups...the sensor wont get it, but that means you gotta work on doing it right, not the sensors problem.

Pros: The right workouts
The right stretches, and warm ups
Coaches do a good job of motivating you as you go
Ability to create your own workouts that a coach will go through with you

Get up a great sweat in the comfort of your living room while learning MMA from the best coaches in the business

Hit the punching bag, or speed bag, at your own pace.

Cons: No correction to form in exercises
Overused audio such as "you don't want to work out cold muscles" over and over again

there are more great points to this game that I couldn't even touch on yet, but hopefully this will do before the official reviews come out.

I know what people like myself are thinking..."I really want to get it, it seems like a great idea, but what if it sucks." Trust me, it doesn't. Give it a shot, do the exercises right, and you'll be glad you did.