Tomb Raider is back on top. PS3 review as Gamespot hasn't done one?

User Rating: 9 | Tomb Raider (The Final Hours Edition) PS3
Right of the bat, I think it is a great reboot and would highly recommend it.

The game takes ideas from many modern games and shapes them to it's own mould and this works very well. Gameplay is similar to a 3rd person version of Farcry 3 (set on an island, rescue friends, use a bow, use stealth or not), with Batman Arkham style backtracking and equipment upgrading system to allow access to new areas, and a fair dose of Uncharted when it comes to set pieces, gameplay, and presentation.

The story is entertaining, is quite dark, and seems to use ideas and elements of Lost (tv show) and the Descent (movie).

Overall the game looks amazing (I'm playing on PS3, gameplay is smooth, no framerate issues if you're worried about that kind of thing). The graphics are really top notch even surpassing those of Uncharted which is not easy to do. Lara's new voice actor also does a great job.

Summary: Go get it, you wont be sorry.