Even after 10 years of this game existing, it is still the best FPS shooter I have ever played. Happy Anniversary, TS2.

User Rating: 10 | TimeSplitters 2 GC
When I was younger, I remember I used to always be excited about cracking out the GameCube and playing Resident Evil, WWE Wrestlemania games, awful Batman games, but there was always one that stood out and took up all my time as a young one - TimeSplitters 2. This game had everything: wacky characters, fantastic gun play (literally an improved GoldenEye), a replayable story, amazing multiplayer, a virtually endless mapmaker, and it never went stale.

Since this is a classic game review, I want to keep this one short but I want to say, if you have never got the chance to play anything Timesplitters, you must as soon as possible. If you are just reading reviews to pass the time, go dust off that Playstation 2 or Xbox or whatever and just pop in some Timesplitters 2 and relax.

In celebrating this games 10 year anniversary, I thought I would put up this review for all to see. So here's to Timesplitters 2, even after 10 years, it's still one of the greatest. So for these 10 years of greatness, you are given a ten out of ten.