House of the Dead rocks the house, although the party is cut off short with it's limited gameplay.

User Rating: 7.8 | The House of the Dead PC
:Good Idea:
· A really fun arcade game. It's just fast paced enough to be considered an exercise.
· Shooting a zombie in the chest gave you a glimpse of what we could do with gore, such as damaged character models.
· Hard bosses give you a little more challenge than the zombies you face everywhere else.

:Bad Idea:
·The voice acting is horrible. It's like they hired people without personalities to talk in a mic.
· The graphics, even for when it was released, were not quite there compared to games like Half-Life or Rainbow Six.
· Really, really short. Maybe 30 minutes to an hour of gameplay.

· Despite being incredibly short and lacking in the graphics/sound department, this is a killer game with a good amount of replay if you don't mind fighting off the same things.