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    Stack Updates!

    Well, I've finally updated my stacks. It took some effort remembering why I purchased some games and also some thoughts on things I've finished, but I got through it. It took longer than I'd like. Tim...

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    Just a Few More Weeks Until i'm Walking Again!

    I'm amazed I've been good this long, but I'd rather be walking sooner than suffering longer. I enjoyed a visit from friends this past weekend who brought me some comfort food of the gluten free variet...

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    Can't wait for my foot to heal so I can get rid of this cabin fever and play other stuff, like my PC and PS4. *sigh* For now, I'm ...
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    Healing With Video Games

    Well, week one of my six-week-healing has come and gone and it was a long, long week. It was a -very- long week. it was a very -painful- week. I could not move my foot at all, or my leg for that matte...