Just a great game

User Rating: 8.9 | The Godfather PC
GamePlay: 9 - GTA-style free-form gameplay (godfather make it even you can do another mission after you accept a new mission, this is impossible in GTA:SA) Intense Violence, you can even drop someone from the rooftop. (this is fun...) Get protection money, promotion, just like a real Mafia member.

Graphics: 9 - Superior graphics. This is unexplainable, you just see something like fires, shadows or even people.... then you will notice...

Sound: 8 - Good. Got a Mafia feel while listening music. But the Mafia (game) is better.

Value: 9 - Acceptable price.

Reviewer's Tilt : 9 - I recommend this game to anyone who likes violence.

Conclusion: GTA+Mafia=Godfather