A Rival to games of the same Genre and certainly a new experience.

User Rating: 8.5 | The Godfather PC
Most of the time when I hear about a game that is based on a Movie I just don't bother about it, however when I played The Godfather I understood that EA created a new game with it's own rights.
That Game has a lot of Missions. Story Missions, Hit man Style Missions, Money making Missions, Area takeover Missions and so on.
Cars seem to be very limited, but I Guess in the 40s there was not much variation of cars anyway.

There is an arsenal of weapons, and each gun has a level 2 and a level 3 version, the streets are full of people and the building are blazing, giving it a realistic look and feel.

The Performance:
The game is new, and as you would expect there are a lot of glitches and bugs, the game can occasionally quiet in the most dire of situations, which can be very frustrating, so far EA has not released any patches yet. Going from an area to an area has no loading times, which is a good thing.

The game play:
Addictive! For the first 5 hours of the game I was too Immersed that I didn't notice, it does borrow from other games, but does it in it's own style.
Going into a mob war is a bad thing, and requires a lot of experience of the game; the payoff is good however, because money is important for a lot of things. You have got safe houses to buy, weapon upgrading and bribing to do. Respect, which translates to Experience in the game, levels you up, you have got different skills to upgrade and each of them makes life much easier.
The game can be Difficult at times, but once you make use of cover, crouching and sneaking it will be all about skill.

The music is good, not bad and not great. Voice acting is good and it made me laugh a couple of times. Covering a lot of slang and Accents makes it quite realistic and fun.

There's so much to do, and it's not an easy job to become the Don of NYC. There’s a lot to collect, unlock and replay. There are some things you can do now than later, and vice versa.

Bottom line:
If you enjoyed Grand theft Auto, Driver or just loved the Movie. You'll appreciate what The Godfather has to offer.