I was hoping for a good Templar game. I got something less that average.

User Rating: 4.5 | The First Templar X360
I don't know how old this game is, but if it's old, it didn't age well, if it's not that old, well then it just plain sucked.

If feels like the developers rushed through making this game. A game that really could have been a lot better if only they concentrated on the obvious things that makes a game a good game.

As one of the Knights Templar you're off on a Grail quest. You have your buddy with you for most of the quest, and a thief for the rest. Your quest takes you to tombs and forest locations with a lot of enemy knights to attack.

Combat is fast and pretty simple. You're stuck with mostly hitting the X and Y buttons and trying to block oncoming arrow fire from the enemy on the other side of the map. There's a kind of upgrade tree (if you want to call it that) that doesn't really branch out in different styles or anything like that, but just has different paths to mostly the same type of upgrades. So you might upgrade you Zeal like first on the one branch, but then go through upgrades x,y,z only to do the same upgrade on another branch.

The graphics are old and really really dated. There's very little polish put on the game and actually feels more like a PS2 game compared to what's out there. The Sound is awful. Sometimes they talk really loud, and the next moment the sound's like someone is talking into a tin can. And all this in one cut scene.

I just found that this game was boring and really didn't call me to play it. It took me ages to get through it just because I was so damn annoyed with the sad acting and camera work.