On it's surface very average, but halfway through, you'll realize your having alot of fun!

User Rating: 8 | The First Templar X360
This game is a sheep in wolf's clothing. Not the other way around. As you strike out in the beginning, you'll ask yourself if a game published in this day an age could really be this simple and straight forward. However, a couple of hours into it, it will suddenly dawn on you how many new mechanics and different things the game has quietly and almost "stealthily" introduced as you've went through the chapters. By Chapter 5, you've upgraded your character, your clothes, your weapons, gotten a new party member, lit torches and caverns, disabled and detected traps, found all kinds of secrets, sieged castles, fired trebuchets, used stealth and on and on. At first, you might feel like they should have up'd the production values and cooked this game a bit longer, I know I did, but in retrospect, I see now that this game is better at it's low price point and it's cooperative centric play than trying to run with the blockbusters. The combat is fluid, fun and almost addiciting, the story is intriguing and the levels for the most part are interesting - especially the catacombs...eerie fun! The drop in, drop out co-op play is unique and actually a nice niche for a game like this and the characters are like able if not a little stiff at times. This may be a rental, but will make for a good evening or two of hack and slash fun. Finally, I must mention the soundtrack which is outstanding and well done.