Not so much..

User Rating: 6.5 | Syndicate PS3
Syndicate,where to begin?Ok let's start off with the campagine.As I began the story mode I noticed a strange lagg every 15 second's or so.I dont know why it was happening,and I even restarted the game but that did'nt stop this from happening.No idea what that was about but i digress.Just about every aspect of the story feel's sub-par.It's mostly these situation's that are suppose to excite or impress but i've seen most of it before.Simply put,it's nothing special.Multiplayer on the other hand is different.Or I should say co-op.First off,if you actually found syndicate accesible i'm happy for you.I,on the other hand am pissed.Why is it so difficult to join a game?Even just quick matches?Half the time it's no big deal the other i cant find another soul online.Then if i managed to get in I noticed the same lagg except it only happend in 2-3 min interval's.Now i'm sure you know just how advantageous lagg can be right in the middle of a team-based online match.Honestly this game just feel's unfinished.The co-op is nothing you have'nt seen before and the singel player mode fail's to capture your imagination sadly.I cant help but feel that game's like Syndicate are why the term"buyer beware"was thought up.PASS.