Insanely fun gameplay with a cool setting makes this game a blast.

User Rating: 8 | Syndicate PS3
Bright lights and suicides!

This game was a blast to play trough, the idea is simple and good. Corporate warfare has never been so much fun. You play as an agent to EuroCorp and finish various contracts troughout the game. These take place mostly inside corporate HQ:s so expect alot of CQC.

Gameplay itself is amazing, very immersive camera shakes add a nice touch to the game. Jumping, performing various actions, executions and whatnot feel really good. Most guns have something unique to them making each gun worth a try, they also have some OOMPH in them, making firing a gun feel good. Only complain gameplay wise is the grenade system. you have to hold triangle for a bit and it equips them and you can thow them. Then you have to switch back. Unnecessarily complicated and stiff.

Soundtrack was rather good. It wasnt original thus not one of the best of the year but still good. When you think how utterly bad and boring most soundtracks have been as of late.

Im giving it an 8 for extremely satisfying and quite nicely brutal gameplay. You feel badass doing everything and thats what its all about. One downfall was the unnecessary addition of story. Yes I said that. Towards the end the game slows down a bit with boring story stuff that is even then rather shallow leaving you thinking "Why cant I just be completing contracts?"

All in all it is FUN. Lots of it. Buy it, get a friend to buy it too and have some fun in the CO-OP after youve finished the SP.