A great game in the Mario franchise, but the previous Mario World beats it.

User Rating: 7.6 | Super Mario: Yoshi Island SNES
Game Review-Super Nintendo-Super Mario World II—Yoshi’s Island

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Released: October 4, 1995
Developer: Nintendo
Game Genre: 2D Platformer

The story is a typical Mario story. You know, how all the Mario games are. There is a story, but nobody cares, and somehow Nintendo pulls it off and everybody loves it. In this one, you control Yoshi (a whole bunch of different-colored Yoshis) and Mario is a baby, whom you must carry on your back through various levels (LONG LEVELS), eventually (hopefully) bringing him safely back to his brother, Baby Luigi.

Amazing. The best controls and the best gameplay system overall out of any Mario game except maybe the first Super Mario World. There are 8 worlds, just like any Mario game. New to these worlds, though, are the different bosses that you have to fight, 2 in each world. Each boss has its own unique strategy, and you must adapt quickly in order to defeat them. The only part that the gameplay lags is the length of the levels. There are “middle rings” throughout each level that you can restart from, but losing all of your lives means starting again from the beginning of the level. Some can take up to a half an hour or maybe more to defeat.

Such good graphics for such an old game. I really love how the background is so simple, but it’s cartoony and yet intriguing at the same time. I don’t know how Nintendo does it. It’s unbelievable.

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The improvements are great but not very noticeable. For one thing, it’s much more organized, with the way you get to select levels. Also, the controls have become amazingly easier. In the original Super Mario World, I often found myself doing the wrong jump or flying into an enemy because I was too dumb to get the hang of the controls.

I suppose it’s good but the levels get annoying very fast because of their length.


If I have to hear Baby Mario wail because I’ve been hit by an enemy one more time, I will turn this game off forever!!!!