Truly a juggernaut in the arena of 2D fighting games!

User Rating: 10 | Street Fighter Zero 3 PS
This game is a powerhouse in the arena of 2D fighting. It's a perfect conversion of the original arcade versions, new exclusive game modes. Not the mention it's a perfect conversion of the arcade version of the game on PSone, and it's better than the Dreamcast version. The graphics hold up amazingly on the PSone weather you consider the RAM limitations or not, all the original sound is played without fault, and the gameplay is even more fluid than in the arcade version. With a little over 40 characters, fluid gameplay, the best graphics of any 2D fighter to date, and replay value that not even Mortal Kombat can match, it's no wonder the game is the best in the series. I can't stress enough how much anyone who likes fighting games and has a PSone should get this unbelievable Capcom 2D fighter.