This is one very addictive game

User Rating: 8.9 | Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds PC
This game has one of the highest "addictive ratings" for me. Even though the graphics aren't top of the line, it is still fun. It's a real time strategy game (with the overhead view) it makes you feel like a general or a master strategist (that means you should get the game if you have inferiority problems). This game has good computer AI for both your enemies and allies. The sound is STAR WARS with all the cool sound effects and music.
I think there are six factions( let's see if I can remember each one) there is the Trade Federation, the Rebels, the Empire, the Royal Naboo Army, the Gungans, and the Wookiees. Each faction has their strengths and weaknesses. There are six campaigns for the six factions with bonus missions and instant play options there are online options also. If you like Star Wars, or you like real time strategy games, or you want an addictive PC game, this is the game for you. There is an expansion pack which introduces the republic army and the confederacy of independent systems,and their campaigns. There is a combo pack which has this game AND the expansion pack.

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