This spiderman game has its perks, along with fun combat, and a sense of humor.

User Rating: 7.5 | Spider-Man: Friend or Foe PS2
This was the first spider-man game I rented. I own the first movie game, but you know. Anyways, this has a little more than the usual charm of a spider-man game, mostly because it's not based on a movie. (Not a bad thing, the movie games, this is just fresh and new).

The story for this game is basically an alien symbiote invasion(from space; venom-based), is taking over different parts of the world, including the famous villans and heroes you all hate and love, and putting them under their control! In the confusion, spider-man teams up with S.H.I.E.L.D. to put a stop to them and free the world from this alien threat!

The gameplay has many interesting combat options, where you can punch, kick, web grab many ways, web throw many ways, shoot web pellets, tie up enemies, and more fun stuff. The manuverability with spider-man makes fighting much smoother, and instead of normal beat-em-up, you get variety. Your partners(the villans/heroes) join in on the fight, but they're not that useful as CPU. However, you have the option of making the adventure two-player if someone wants to join in. Cool!

The graphics for the characters are nicely done, and the environments you explore change around you, from the middle of the jungle to inside the city to snowy villages. It's all there for you to enjoy. Spider-man's popular dialogue is inserted as well, making the experience more enjoyable. There are additional items you can collect too, unlocking profiles and upgrades along the way, making your heroes/villans and yourself stronger. The only thing is that continuous combat can tend to get tiresome, and you can't run from battles. Still, the whole experience can make up for that.

Overall, you might like it, you might not. That's why I say rent it first. I did, and I liked it, but I haven't bought it. A good spider-man game, it still doesn't top ultimate spider-man. Anyway, I recommend this for most people. Enjoy!