Take the 4th's epic graphics and goofy humor,you get this.

User Rating: 10 | SoulCalibur V PS3
Man it has been an epic year for gamers,and this game adds on even more power to the lightning.To start,this games story is actually (yes it is still a fighting game) very cool...Unfourtanantly the difficulty is cruel to those who wish to wipe an opponent across the floor with a head on face breaking throw...And there is still no chronicles of the sword,this is disappointing to me,but that doesn't effect much...What does is the "new" creation mode,this is epic,absoulutley epic.Do you want to make a fat dagger weilding chef in short shorts?Done.Want a pitch black muscular slaughter house with a sword bigger than him AND his opponent?Done.Want a scrawny dude in full armor with soul edge and a squeaky voice with black and red eyes and a spider tatoo on his face and a moon sticking out of his back?D O N E Done...So if you are looking for a super sword fighting game with awesome graphics...Or you want to find the most epic fighting game with swords ever made,look no further...your quest is over.