Sonic was better off in 2D...

User Rating: 2.8 | Sonic 3D Blast GEN
They had to make it 3D. I got bored after the first level. This game lacks the speed and agility that I knew and love from the first sonic games. Other than that, you have to get five birds and bring them to a ring to procede to the next part of the level. HELLO! EARTH TO SONIC TEAM! THIS IS FLICKY'S JOB! Silly hedgehog, chirps are for birds.

Thank you God that I bought the Sonic Mega Collection and not this thingy ma doodle from the Genesis. During the time of 1996, Super Mario 64 gained so much more appeal as a 3D game while they waste their time making a game like this on an old game system. All I can say is that Sonic 3D Blast gives 3D games and all other Sonic games a bad name. END OF STORY!