It's not 3D, and it's not a blast, and Guess what? It's just not sonic.

User Rating: 4 | Sonic 3D Blast GEN
Sonic's Sixth and Final game on the Genesis wasn't very good. Many of the Sonic games after this have sucked. Most of the ones beforehand didn't. This game was Isometric, like a lot of older tycoon games. However, this isn't as fun as any tycoon game. Sonic's doesn't look superb. The people who animated him seem to have tried to get away with little animation. While standing, Sonic doesn't move at all. He con only even tap his foot in one single perspective. He also can't move fast, and his walking animation isn't really in sync with his speed, so he looks like he's skating, but he's not.

The story is that the birds on flicky island have been captured and turned into badniks by the big fat lazy Dr. Robotnik, who thinks that now he can get the chaos emeralds because all the flickies are now just robots. Why does he need the chaos emeralds? In sonic 3 he had a reason, but in a lot of the games from this era, it's not explained why. Does he want to sell them and make money? or does he just want to keep them in a glass case forever? Well, either way, the story about him wanting the emarals was, by now too repetitive.

The gameplay is that you have to destroy the robots and release the flicky birds. when the bird is released, get sonic to collect it and then go and find the next. The birds will form a trail behind sonic, until sonic let them pass through the ring to the other dimension. Hmmm... Where have I hears this gameplay before? Yes! It was from an arcade game that was 12 years old at the time. I don't even have to mention the name of it.

The controls are very sloppy. Sonic is quite slow, and when you try to stop, Sonic acts as though he's ice skating, and what's worse, is that there's a snowy level in the game. You also can't control your jumping properly, so it's easier to just spindash into the enimies.

The music is alright. I've heard worse. The special stage music is quite good too. To enter a special stage you need to have more than 50 rings, then go to either tails or Knuckles. The special stages are really quite easy. like the sonic 2 stages you need to collect a certain amount of rings before you can recieve a chaos emerald.

So overall the game isn't superb, but I have seen worse.


Graphics: 3/5

Gameplay: 2/5

Controls: 0/5

Music & Sound: 4/5

Entertainment: 1/5

Overall: 10/25