A game that makes you play it over and over with new ideas.

User Rating: 9.8 | SimCity 4: Deluxe Edition PC
SimCity 4 this game blew the other simcity series out of the water. This game other than having the highly detailed buildings and the driving missions to unlock new buildings, this game is very realistic like actual life expatations for example a pollution paradise, a traffic heaven, and the needs of the sims and changes to the city the sims will either like or dislike you and will leave to the nearest city if possible. The driving missions also can help if your doing the helpful ones and you'll unlock something new also your mayor ranking will increase slightly or if your in dept there ar those 'evil' mission that will give you a lot of money, but your mayor ranking goes down faster than raising it. All in all this game is awsome and it's a great game to have in yor pc if your a simcity fanatic like I am.