My father would have loved it, but I just don't have the time.

EVE has always been very ambitious and thats one of the things that keeps drawing me back to it. That kind of sucks, because I really just don't have the time to play it. This MMO is by far the most thought out and well managed games out there for those who choose to pay-to-play, but it requires basically all of your free-time to fully appreciate. For me, there is far too much competition out there to justify a monthly fee. This game is great, if you really have the time to lose yourself in the details. Otherwise, the 14 day free trial is more than enough to remind me why I don't pay for this game. I now need another 710 character to submit this review, so I will do my best to waste your time. Bad Company 2 is by far the best game of 2010 if you have the system to run it. Red Dead failed in my eyes because they did not release it to PC. I've played it on 360, and the only reason I see it hasn't been released on a true gaming platform is laziness. Do I have enough bs posted yet?