Shadow Complex is one of the best Xbox Live Arcade game there is.

User Rating: 9.5 | Shadow Complex X360
Shadow Complex is a side-scrolling 2D game from Xbox Live. The story starts with a soldier attempting to save the vice president but fails. The story shifts to Jason Flemming and his girlfriend, Claire. They find an underground complex full of terrorists and Claire gets captured. It's up to Jason to save Claire and stop the terrorists. The story behind the terrorists is mostly told from easedropping terrorists. Even when you beat the game, there are still some unanswered questions. Perhasp they will be answered in a sequel. The graphics of Shadow Complex is legendary. Everying thing looks fantastic. The coolest thing I've ever seen in any video game is the Hyper Speed in Shadow Complex. Going Hyper Speed makes a sonic boom and turns the screen golden. The entire Complex looks spectacular and the characters look amazing. The best part of Shadow Complex is the gameplay. You explore the complex and aquire new abilities and items that allow you to access new areas. There's usually an objective and you need to get there somehow. There are over a hundred items, collectibles, and secrets in the complex. Combat is simple, as the game is 2D. You can use the right stick to aim and right trigger is aim. You can also melee. There are also enemies in the background that shoot you. I had trouble aiming at them, but it's no big deal. Once you obtain the Omega Suit, you become a god-like being. Before becoming all-powerful, you must find 5 parts of the suit. Once you have them, you will have armor, Super Strength, Hyper Speed, the ability to breathe under water, a hook shot, and the power to become immune to gun fire when walking slowly. The boss fights of this game are powerful, but they have weakness. The game is about 8-12 hours long, depending on how much you backtrack. This is one of the best Xbox Live Arcade game there is.

Story- 8
Graphics- 10
Gameplay- 10
Length- 8

Final Score- 9.5