Hmm...strategy at its best?

User Rating: 8.7 | Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood PC
I've never really played strategy games. I played this before dungeon siege, which is a real strategy game.
Considering, this is a really suprising game, very good and direct. You are free to roam around and kill in the various castles, but only once you've done enough small missions. The smaller missions get a bit repetetive, and you'll end up playing the same mini mission twenty times over. The aim of the game, basically, is to earn £100'000.
The graphics, as with most strategy games, go fuzzy when you zoom in, but at a distance, they are very good. Prerendered backgrounds, yes, but attention has been payed to a lot of the smaller things, like bees swarming round a hive, or fish in the water. Even the horses look real!
The sound isn't really much cop, and doesn't exactly add atmosphere, but it's alright. It is quite quiet, and sometimes can be drowned out by the smallest of the things like a man falling in a pit.
The gameplay is your basic strategy game, based on an English legend. It is easy to pick up and play, even though the loading screens can take a while. The gameplay could be better, like the odd 'boss' fight every so often. Not swinging swords at a man in tights, but actually having a proper sword fight with spectators and your team are held back or something.
A good game despite the flaws I have mentioned.