I was very young when I first played this game, it was the first playstation game I had seen. I dont know if anyone will ever read this review, but this was my favorite of all the ps games I owned. I was in third grade, maybe to young to play it but I never got realisticly involved in the game. I first played it at my sisters boyfriends, a long time ago, for my tenth birthday I got a ps. With it my sister bought me jupiter strike, and it came with a demo disk, rally cross being my favorite of the demos. A while later I bugged my mom into getting me twisted metal, number two was like forty bucks, so she got me the original, I loved it, but about a year later I got twisted metal two. I can still remember alot of the music, and I can probably still do the cheats. I wish I could go back in time, I use to appreciate games more back then, they werent as highly judged, and you liked a game for your taste, and not the score it got.