The game is too arcade like! Please, separate sx, mx!

I have waited for over 4 years for this game to come out. Mx vs. ATV Unleashed was, for the most part, an enjoyable game. I am frustated that it did not port over. I have played, "Untamed" for 4 days now, and I will admit I enjoy the sx and mx very much. However, when I play the, "supermoto" series, I find myself wanting to throw the controller at the HD, WTF?! What happened to the physics????!!! If I bump another rider, I lose all control!!!!! The AI opponent ALWAYS takes me off my path.......the only way I can, "drop" the AI is to t-bone him....as a result we both go down. What the heck! If I have the inside line and we are at equal points, WHY IS IT THAT I LOSE CONTROL? This did not happen in the previous game.....the current AI is like playing against the bots when Quake 4 came out. Yikes!!!! I really hope a patch will come out to correct the AI advantage.