What ever happend to the series after it's series appeared on PS1 and PSP?

This was an addictive game it felt alot like one of Tim Burtons movies such as Nightmare Before Christmas or Corspes Bride, but seriously it was great platformer / Adventure game on PS1. You are playing a Dead Solider set in the Medevil times back from the dead named Sir Daniel Fortesque who died a 100 years ago who has been summoned to stop Lord Zarok who is using his dark powers and taking over the lands. It's to to Sir Daneil Fortesque to stop the evil Zarok.
It had a good story and some RPG elements during boss fights also different weapons as well to kill monsters but most of the game was very humerous and loads of British acents which made the game look alot like St George and the Dragon but a fun game.
PS1 graphics looked great set in the 1200-1300 set in dark areas full of monsters, myths and legends. But yes this game does look alot like Nightmare Before Christmas becasue Sir Daneil Fortesque does look Jack Skellington but a look a like, it would be great if this film was animated film but it would work.
You may or may not find this game anywhere for the PS1 unless you look on the Internet shops but yes this game is also on the PS3/PSP Network for those who want to get a hold of this game.