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I know about the hacking glitch, but man is that slow on the 360. It takes forever to load a game save. Any other methods out there?

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I am looking for the best bang for the buck external solution for my wii u. I was thinking of a flash drive since it wouldn't take up extra space, but didn't know how reliable it would be, how much storage I could put on one (128gigs?), or how fast the read/write would be (affecting load times).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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1. Phantasy Star IV (no doubt) 2. Quest for glory 1&3 3. Kings Quest 5 & 6 4. Shining the holy ark 5. TES: Oblivion 6. TES: Skyrim 7. Final Fantasy 6 (aka 3) 8. Demons Souls 9. Legend of Grimrock 10. Chrono Trigger
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If it's already out. How do I enable it?

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I am curious if there is a way to be playing say Mass Effect 2. Then using a screen recorder and sending that image to my friend so we can do lets plays together. I know yogscast does it. I was curious how they did it?


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Is there a game like this on the ps3? Other than SOTN (already bought it). I love the gothic theme. I like the power ups. So something with those two elements would be stellar.


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I still can't seem to see a nice list of the special cars each company offers with a pre-order
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Hey there,

I am looking to preorder GT5 and saw that certain stores got different special cars.

I was wondering if there was a comprehensive list on which vendor had which vehicle.



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I am using theXBOX360 Controller Emulator v3.0 byRacer_Slinked earlier.

For some reason. My right analog(I am using a ps2 controller) totally switched. My Left and right cause the game to look up and down and my up and down go right and left. How would I fix this?

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thanks for the replys guys :) Anyone actually play this? is it any good?
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