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@Edzem said:
Here is some games for the PSP that your kids might enjoy. Gurumin A Monstrous Adventure Exit 2 Ultimate Block Party Bomberman Bust-A-Move Deluxe Thrillville Tokobot Worms: Open Warfare Secret Agent Clank Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai Puyo Pop Fever PaRappa the Rapper Ape Escape: On the Loose Capcom Puzzle World WALL-E Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force

omfg eye rape.

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I had no idea it was coming to the PS3. My daughter is going to love that.

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Yikes! You convinced me to remove my CC info. 

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I wonder about people who don't like this game.I wonder what race they play. The areas they have been to. And how many classes they have tried.

Guild Wars 2 is a complete success, and I think they did exactly what they claimed they were going to do: redefine the MMORPG genre, while making it more fun, and at a cost that is accessable to anyone looking for a long term investment.

What's not to like?

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It all depends on if you fit in with the consensus of the forum you visit. If you do, it rocks, if you don't, it sucks.

End of discussion. Your welcome.

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Thanks guys, I watched the video for it, pretty funny.

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What game is this from?

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Mario, Metroid and Zelda on the 360 and PS3?

The massive 3DS price cut two months after release revealed something about Nintendo: their magic wand is running low on power. Nintendo thought the system would sell itself, even without an impressive lineup of launch titles, but the market proved them horribly wrong: by now gamers want more than just another expensive gimmick: casual gamers are still happy with standard DS and core gamers want core titles... the games! The result? A large number of 3DS units remained unsold on the store shelves, which in turn led to software houses smelling failure and threatening to drop support for the system, forcing Nintendo to adopt drastic measures to save their day.

This happened before when Sega's hardware division went six feet under after the cold reception the Dreamcast got (again, due to lack of third party support). What happened to Sega, did it just die? No: they are now making quality software for other systems, like the Wii, DS, PS3, PSP and XBOX 360 (well, mostly quality software).

Now, I'm not saying Nintendo is in the same situation, but think about it: the value of Nintendo's shares has plummeted and shareholders are furious for their massive losses (Hiroshi yamauchi alone lost $300 million in one day!) should the Wii U receive the same cold treatment on the market as the 3DS it would most likely mean the end of Nintendo's hardware division like what happened with Sega.

Would this be the end of Nintendo? No! Like Sega they would still go on making quality games on other systems. The difference for us? None, except hardcore gamers would have to buy one less system and we'd be able to play Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Kirby and Donkey Kong on the same system as Halo, Gears of War, Uncharted, God of War and Killzone.

I'm not wishing disaster over Nintendo and I'm sure they'll stand back up after this 3DS mishap, but even if the worst should happen it wouldn't be all bad, all considered.

Your opinion on this?


I like your thinking.

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Well I think moderations might be a little much, but in the spirit of fairness and reliability, I see no problems with simply removing the reviews.

Gamespot is where we come for a fair comparison of peoples opinions. This clearly violates that goal.

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I won't lie, anything that damages the image and profitability of console gaming is a good thing imo, since it's lower quality and standards have been affecting PC games in a negative fashion. In the last year or so, mostly thanks to the marketing and generous people at Steam this trend seems to be evening out a bit.

I hope this trend continues.