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Level 25: Defias Brotherhood!

Defias Brotherhood brings back some memories. The good ol days of forsaking the world, and playing WoW ALL DAY LONG!

Sometimes I miss those days, but for the most part I am happy to doing other things.

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Finished 177th out of 24,000 on the All Time Greatest Sidekick tournament. I dig it.

I really have nothing else to say with regards to the contest. I am left with lingering questions about the outcome.

Level 20

Level 20. I dig it.

What I do not dig is gamespot removing the ability to rate games at intervals of 0.1. I am sure this was somthing that came about when you hit level 20. Seems they removed it. Perhaps I just fail? Lol, whatever, if it has been removed, it makes me sad. I was looking forward to the ability to rate games exactly as I see them rather then by 0.5 intervals, which seems rather restricive.

I always considered it a reward for dedicated use of the site. Ahh well, I'll just chalk it up as another aspect of freedom lost in a world determined to control us from the explicit to the subtle.

Banned again... wtf.

This is getting REAL annoying. This time it lasted over 24 hours. I was banned at work, and logged onto my home desktop via VLC and was also banned from there, so it had nothing to do with my IP. It has to be something wrong with Gamespots system.

In total now, this is the third time this has happened to me. Please correct this 'rare' system glitch that does not feel to rare to me. Please Gamespot, please. I like accessing my profile and visiting the forums time to time, I really do.

It's Officially Winter!

-35 Celsius this morning. Glad I plugged my van in last night, or else I would have been the one getting a boost, and not the one boosting my roommate. I have this winter thing down to a science.

Funny thing is, less then two weeks ago I was wearing sandals.

I was BANNED from Gamespot!!

Yesterday I come to work, I was very hung over because of the Grey Cup game last night, where Saskachewan lost by one heart-break of a point. I did not feel like doing much, except surfing the Internet and checking out games.

First thing I did was to click my name to see some account details. A message appeared, taking up the entire screen telling me that I had been banned for one or more violations of the TOS agreement.

I couldn't believe it. I logged out and back in... same thing. I was banned from all message boards, posting, accessing my account details, writing reviews... or anything else which might allow me to express myself. Except I could still rate games, and browse games, and read reviews.

I contacted customer service via email, and later in the night I received a reply. She informed me that there was no record of me being banned for moderated, which confirmed what I already thought, because even a banned person can see what types of moderations have come against them, and mine was empty of all such infractions. When I saw that I logged into my account at home, and to my relief, I had full access again. She also asked me in the email reply if I perhaps it was another account which had been banned, but I assured her it was not. She thought perhaps my work IP had been banned by accident.

Well I am at work now, and I have full access here as well. No one is sure why I was banned, but I am glad it is over.

I was surprised at how cut off I felt, seems I have come to really like this place.

Victim of a system hiccup,

-thedemon44 signing off.

Because of no overwhelming demand!!

I have decided to start reviewing many of the games I have played throughout my life. I've determined that I want to have a more balanced coverage, so I am going to try to review games in the mid-range, instead of my primary focus on the games I love.

Even mediocre games should have some review love. Even if there isn't much love in the review.

I have way too much time at work do surf the Internet.

Waaaaaayyyy too much time...


Seems I have a weak spot for reviewing games I like... with a 9.5 rating specifically.

6 out of 8 reviews can attest to this.

I just had to laugh..

My daughter is super cute wow.

Watching her walk around in her one piece pajama's, with two pink clips in her hair and a beret (that thing girls wear in thier hair that shapes to the head... girls know what it is, im still learning), and walking around in her mothers sandles. LOL.

And then she wants to listen to the Sepultura coming from my computer speakers through the headphones... I'm telling you, I have no idea where she gets her imfluence from. 0.o

22 months and stretching.

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