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So I recently got if for PSP off PSN and was wondering if there's any way of checking how many hours I've been playing for? I remember Origins told me, but yeah

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But if I play this one without completing any of the other games before it, will the story make sense? Like will I be missing anything important by not finishing the others?
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I dunno if someone has already asked this (I couldn't find a thread), but I haven't finished any of the other games in the series, so will the storyline in this one make sense?
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So it doesn't recap the first two at all?
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I'm not sure if somebody else has already asked this, they probably have, but will the storyline make sense if I haven't played the first two in the series?
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YES!! It's by far my favourite of the Final Fantasy games it's FANTASTIC!!!
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So basically what I would need to set it up through my PS3 is an optical cable AND a HDMI cable? And the HDMI cable goes to the PS3 while the optical goes to the TV?
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Haha I have basically no knowledge about home theatre systems! What's a PVR box? And it sounds kinda difficult setting one of these up. Do you run yours through a PS3 or anything?
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Ohh really? Yeah i did see on there that its got no HDMI inputs. I mainly wanted it to plug my PS3 into. Not a good idea then?
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Does anyone have one of these? I was looking at it on the JB Hi-Fi website but i couldnt find any reviews or anything on the net