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If you're not professionally employed in the video games industry, you're going to have a very, very difficult time gaining access to E3. As Behardy24 mentioned earlier in the thread, E3 is not open to the public. In fact, many smaller media outlets don't even get their applications approved unless their sites hit a certain minimum traffic threshold. It's a very strict approval process that you need to go through. I know there are some websites that offer a "free trip to E3" as part of a contest, but those are extremely limited in number.

Sorry, dude. I wish I could be of more help. But at the end of the day, it's probably a lot more fun to read about the announcements than to run around a giant convention center waiting in two-hour lines to play Destiny.

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Hundreds is a new game from the dudes what made Canabalt. It's pretty cool! Anyone else tried it?

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So, we do this weekly feature on recent Skyrim mods. Perhaps you've seen it? Here it is:

As I began to search for mods to feature on this week's show, I thought: hey! Why don't I ask the experts?

So: Do you guys, the experts, know of any good Skyrim mods that have come out recently? 

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[QUOTE="MethodManFTW"]You get the first two chapters for free and can buy the full game for ten bucks. It's awesome so far!

When you say, "It's awesome so far!" does that mean you had a Missile avatar before you even played Ghost Trick? ;)
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I basically just have the bare essentials on my SSD (Windows, Chrome) and everything else on the storage drive. I might use Steam Tool to move the one game I'm playing most at the moment to the SSD (for a while it was Battlefield 3) but it doesn't make sense to put too many games on there.

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Playing on an Eyefinity setup for longer than 10 minutes makes me want to vomit so, so much.

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Blood Stone is a lot of fun while it lasts.

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Thanks for the in-depth analysis, but it is completely unnecessary considering the very first thing I wrote in my previous post.

Once again, what Mass Effect does is it enables players to leave their mark in terms of character progression and growth and how they are percieved by other characters in the gameworld. The actual core plot might not change much, but the experience can be very different. The player's character will act differently and will be percieved differently which definitely contributes to the tone of the overall experience. Also, I find the choices regarding my party very meaningful. There was a REASON why I made the choice that I did concerning Alenko, Ashley and Wrex (you failed to mention him, by the way). I would also say that the final mission in Mass Effect 2 was brilliant as I felt compelled to do the best I can and it was very rewarding to realize that my choices affected the success of the mission (and by success I don't just mean getting the job done, but keeping everyone alive).

Thinking about it a bit more, saying that doesn't impact the story is asinine, to be perfectly honest. Everything I do in the game is part of the story. Developers provide me with the core plot, but I get to shape the entire story. What happens to my party members or even some random NPC's or how I interact with the gameworld is everything but meaningless. How the hell is it NOT part of the story?

Video game RPG's are derived from pen and paper RPG's, but they are not one and the same and it is unreasonable to expect the same level of freedom to be present in both RPG forms. BUT--back to my original point--at least Western RPG's are trying to emulate pen and paper RPG's within the inherent constraints of the medium.

Yes. Agreed!
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You should play something by Platinum or Level 5 or one of the dozens of other Japanese developers who have by no means "lost it."
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But does the game have dragons in it????