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as some might know that destiny on PSN asia network has some download problems for the compatibility pack (that 170mb file), i'd like to find a solution to this, so i'd like to find out if that file is seprate and somebody is able to pm or file share it without the need to make a US psn account.

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tvtropes is your friend

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HOLY S%&T, 2G cornering?! Downforce figures are lesser than mclaren P1, they could have done more at the back area.

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OMG!!!! i wonder if the spec-ops team is to investigate a nuke storage facility and it just happened that godzilla is in the scene...

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this is bad, the changes are full of bugs and compared to other game centric sites, the change is the worst in terms of accessibility. IGN's site change years before is WAY better than this and actually made it more accessable than it's previous site iteration. however the forums feature are better in this but the lack of read previously read post is destroying my enjoyment of this site.

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a waste of money and trashed cars.

on the side note, godzilla SDCC's godzilla teaser is leaked LINKY

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tv tropes has that covered

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i think i'd just buy it next year after a price drop or something.


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And then the US pilot said, "I feel the need, the need for speed!" and had homoerotic feelings for the other pilot.


i think you just opened an antagonist possibility for top gun 2 script...

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no, bieber got unwanted attention by "guys" on the internet raging on about him stealing the girls.

miley on the other hand is a attention whore and deserved the hate as evident on the VMA's.