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When you're so out of touch with reality that your predicted income and actual are 180 billion yen apart you don't deserve to exist anymore. I like my playstation but Sony is toast and only a mental defective would think they aren't. at some point shareholders are going to dump their stock before it's worthless. Nothing can save Sony it's just a waiting game now.

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No it wasn't. The dreamcast is the most overrated console of all time.

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currently playing on in order of used most:

Wii U





Vita, need to sync it to PS4 and might get some use out of it



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I used to have problems getting into the store and syncing trophies used to be a no no unless I had 20 minutes to kill

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what is hardcore gaming? is that some cool buzzword so people don't feel bad about spending all day gaming and not doing anything else like hanging out with friends or playing sports or going to work? i don't get the term it annoys me , i get when someone says they're a hardcore downhill mountain biker or other dangerous sports. The only danger in gaming is getting diabetes or your wife throwing something at you because you ignored her all weekend playing Diablo even though you tried to get her to play too

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cows are in the lead so were getting what cows want . cows like to regurgitate their food why not games as well

jokes aside yes im disappointed ,cant put my finger on why just not feeling the love

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I bought it for ps4 buddy of mine grabbed me an xbone version so he'd have a friend to play wit. I Def don't hv the urge to keep playing like other feels like it has no heart no soul just a ship floating aimlessly thru space

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Steel cartoon heavy armor. Worst game ever

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For a ps3/360 game it deserves about 8 or 9. Cross generation cripples games this could have been made a lot better if last gen wasn't in mind. It's not a bad game it's just really has no soul the atmosphere is lacking and not much variety in enemies or encounters.this gen deserves the low score but not ps3/360.

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This whole is ways a cash grab for when the real destiny not linked to last gen comes. Cross gen hurts the game