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wow Charizard this is a great thread very well put together. great list overall i agree with most of it besides Pokemon ( never tried any think im too old) ive had great times with all of them even Mario which i never was good at. final fantasy is still redeemable, ff13 looked amazing but it didn't interest me at all too many changes press x to win type changes but ff12 was easily my favourite so its not like they dont know how to do it right ,they tried something new and i hope they learned that their fans dont want dumbed down gameplay

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ive been loving it,had it on ps3 and upgraded thinking ill transfer character but said screw it (he was only lvl 22)and started over . im having a blast with it ,its really addicting i think the graphics are good and ive had no framerate issues at all yet even when i had a killstreak of 60 going on.definitely worth buying

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i agree with Bloodborne day1 collector edition. final fantasy sucks now, never tried kingdom hearts, never played the witcher , didnt really think dragon age was that special and i didnt like the 2nd at all. i want me a new gen star ocean and another elder scrolls without the levelling of enemies , fallout 4, zelda wiiu . any of those are more appealling

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whats the hype at ? looks decent enough from what ive seen to satisfy horror fans. ill probably pick it up at some point but ill be messing with Diablo3 and Destiny for a while first

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i fucking hate when people think buying a console is an investment because its not ,its simply a purchase. an investment is something that should pay you over time and increase in value , consoles depreciate as soon as the box is open

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yA they should fix bf4 and make a new Star Wars battlefront i miss that game so much

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lol xbox 720p, thats why it wasnt called that the jokes would be endless

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vampire rain ftw

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If money is tight don't get either one at this point