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I mean i primary thing that makes a games good is content. If you have nothing to do the game is obviously boring. So Im not opposing them making essentially the same game its not like the coop fps horror is saturated at the moment.

The coop here is on such a high level. No game beside the new defiance can pull off an enjoyable role-less combat. (maybe more)

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I guess they forgot to bribe Gamespot.

The main complaint seems to be story. That is irrelevant i have always thought game stories suck. If u wants a good story watch walking dead. People buy this game for fun coop experience. People want content not a whole new experience.

I think this game is brilliant. It builds one what we love even though at the moment it is bug ridden. Why create a whole new game and when what we really want is a better coop dead island one. I mean the biggest problem with the first in my opinion was the environment was bad. Who ever thought sewers where a good idea I guess got shot.

The combat is everything in this game and i think it does a great job at improving on it. Guns now do direct elemental damage or have retrievable ammo. The weapon levelling system lets you use other weapons outside your class for more tactical play style.

More mods and more varies weapons allow you to create some unique weapons. I mean a heavy weighted morning star makes and awesome crowd control weapon. While a harpoon gun can snipe the heads off infected before they reach you. Then a pistol can make easy work of a thug at close range.

Over all this game deserves a 7. A 4 is stupid this is coop game focused on combat not a story driven fps.

Gamespot get someone who knows what a game is about to review it