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Okay at the end Im soposed todo this block, disarm, kick, and run thing. Any way my problem is everytime I press the F button for the kick part, he doesn't do it, Max does not kick. Ive tried holding the F, tapping the F but nothing works. What the F is up with that. Any help is appreciated.

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Can anyone tell me how to get the elevator to brake and stop from crashing and killing me and the gal. Ive tried at least 20 times, many different ways, sometimes I cant evan get the bar to move to show me that its actually working when hes pulling it. Im stumped too bad seems like a fun game.

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Hi I'm at the spot where Im soposed to kill the fly things and the teapot and the malicious ruin. Now I can kill everything but that malicious ruin. I have zig zagged, I have tried using my blade, my pepper gun, bombs, nothing works. Unfortunately my umbrella doesn't appear to be working either. I have watched utube videos on how to kill this menace. I can't seem to get a moment to see when the ruin opens his arms and shows his 3 faces. Anytime he does I am on the run cause he is going to demolish me. I cant evan get 1 or 2 faces defeated never mind 3. I don't know what I'm doing wrrong but I sure would appreciate some help with this problem. Im starting to think theres something wrong with the game. Ive tried at least 20 times.

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Can any one tell me how to beat the level Kabir. It sure does suck. I am experiencing glitches in the level and I have the last 4 guys on the right side of the garage door just staying there. So, everytime I go out to kill them the guys up top of the truck blow up the truck. I am very disheartened by this level. Sucks big time.