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Thanks for the reply again dude ;)

I have already seen that card and others like that but the problem is that i cannot input high definition.

I really want to be able to input 1080P.

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$80 is a normal S-Video card, so to me $200 with HDMIis pretty good; ofcoarse I'm not the most financially strict person, but I like it.

Could you give me the link?


Thanks for the reply :)

Here is a link as in the OP


For price:


Could you send me a link for $80 S-video. I have only seen TV cards (which have S-video) for that price. Thats why $200 seems to expensive to me because ALL the card does is input, no TV.


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Hi everyone.

What i want to do is to input the HDMI from a PS3 to my PC and then to output the signal via my graphics card and soundcard to my monitor and speakers.

Now i can plug HDMI directly to my monitor but i want it to go through my PC so i can record game footage (occasionally) and output surround sound via my speakers without running extra cables.

Now i have looked at TV cards but i can't find any with a HDMI input.

I have also googled HDMI capture card and i found something called the 'Blackmagic intensity pro' which does have a HDMI input (2 infact). The problem is it is £140 ($200).


That is FAR to expensive for what i want. That card seems to be more for recording from camera.

All i want is something dead basic that allows me to stream the HDMI signal via my PC and for the occasional time i want to record gameplay i can just use something like FRAPS or Camtasia.

I would have thought that the way HD has become now that products like this would be in high demand and easy to find but it appears not to be the case.

Can someone please, please help me with this. I really am stumped and any help would be most appreciated.

P.S. i know you can get inputs for standard definition via S-video or RCA. Also i suppose it doesnt matter to much if anyone finds something that allows you to input via component cable (i.e. red, green, blue) provided that its not an adapter for S-video.

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OMG this is my first forum post back after being grounded for 12 months!!!

What a post to back on though.

4870 X2 hass been releases but in the UK its one expensive beast atm.

Also why the hell does this thing seem to perform worse in crossfire in certain benchs?

The general message i seem to have got so far is its the fastest card atm but its full potential is only shown at 2560x1600.

I have no idea when the 4850 X2 is out but that should be intresting for the bang for buck.

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It does seem like i should get the 8800. It just seems like £40 isnt much to be saving, but then when i look at my current system it seems silly so put a 2900 in it.

Thanks for your responses again everyone. :)

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Thanks for the response.;)

I was also just thinking about how future proof the 8800 GTS would be. I have heard that in a DX10 test the HD 2900 XT beat the 8800 GTX!

So for an extra £40 im not sure about it. Im just worried that ill have such a bad bottleneck that i wont even notice any difference from an 8800 GTS.

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Hi everyone.

I have found a sapphire HD 2900 XT for £208 ($416) and a EVGA 8800 GTS 320MB for £167 ($334). So the diffrence in price is only £40 ($80).

Now here are my specs:

- Intel P4 3GHz


- 915G chipset motherboard

- 17" 1280x1024 monitor with DVI

I really don't have a clue as to which of these two cards i should buy. From what i have seen from some benchmarks is that the HD 2900 is a muchbetter card. However im not sure if it is worth the extra £40 and i am also not sure how it will do with my system.

I know that both these cards will probably have a bottleneck effect with the 2900 having more of a bottleneck then the 8800.

Can someone please, please help me decide which card i should buy. I have been gaming on a x300 for about 2 years now so i am getting very desperate for a new card as you could imagine.:cry:

Thank you loads for your responses.

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Don't bother with the superclocked version. Stick with the stock version of it for now. If anything, you can overclock the stock version of it in the future.Norstar24

Ok now im getting double minded.

I guess i could just overclock it if i wanted. Ill have a think about it for a while.

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I found a place that sells the superclocked for £15 ($7.50)more then a normal 8800GTS so i think i might as well get it.

Thanks for the help ;) you have been really great so thank you.