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Thanks guys i think im going to get itThEmAk_XD

heheh. good thing to remember for future reference?

mix together: RPG's + dissagreement + enthusiasm = nerd fight. they're always fun to watch tho. no worries.

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and what happens to all the pics and themes i have purchased? with my money? they transferring the themes format to be usable on the new DB? and if not when will i be getting ALL of my ms points back for those purchases?
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'I Heard A Rumour That Your An Idiot, Any Truth To That?'slim-pagey

is that mj'daar the shopkeep in the dark brotherhood of oblivion? sounds familiar.

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"Is a man not entitled to the sweat on his brow. No says the man in the Vatican, it belongs to God. No says the man in Moscow, it belongs to everyone. I rejected those answers; instead, I chose something different. I chose the impossible. I chose... Rapture,"

agreed. in fact most of what andrew ryan says in that game either gives me chills or encourages me to build my own underwater dystopian metropolis. mwuahahahahahaha! egg-cellent!!


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It happens, it's a very competitive environment, and you try to WIN. Cursing is a part of it all. I hardly means anything, so just live with it.Ozzie234

spoken like a 14yr old. vulgarity is the the last resort of the ignorant. you swear because you lack the intelligence to queue up a sharp-witted response. swearing has nothing to do with winning. it has something to do with your response after getting popped by a well-placed sniper round, and in belittling others to make yourself feel like a big man. other than that, you will have no logic to back what barely qualifies as an arguement here. congrats on admitting to everyone that you have no class tho. kudos to you.

i.e. to the author- also in my thirties, and clearly maturity has a good deal to do with accompanying courteous behavior on live. however, a forum "survey" seems a poor idea in that the majority of your responses will likely be from teens or tweens, who have no conception of how to understand your arguement, and will merely just take the opportunity to listen to the sound of their own vulgarity. that said, good luck to you.

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i created my acct just fine and verified everything. it's good to go on their end, so i copied the coding to add into my preferences on forums, but can't get it to upload on the forum pic line below the sig on the pref page.

what am i doing wrong?? please help.

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halo3's a perfectly adequate shooter, but the more important question is the uber-fantastic-superfun-ultimate poll:

Sourdough Toast ----or---- the Croissant ?!?!?!?

you decide

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and kudos for the use of the word noob. i didn't realize they still made people like you. classy.
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easily the needler in halo2