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Ghost trick for the DS had a unique story, The walking dead game by telltale is a good shout also.

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Games for gold is finally improving, Hitman Absolution and Deadlight were two games that i was planning on purchasing. So its good news to get them this month for free. Kudos to Microsoft.

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8 hours non stop on the original Dark Souls, Used to play marathon sessions on Counterstrike and Unreal Tournament back in the day.

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Fez, Brothers and Deadlight are all under 3 pound each, All can be had for under a tenner on Xbox Live. Valve are alot better with their deals on steam though. Hopefully Microsoft offers better value in the future.

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Hit indie title Fez is less than 2 pounds on Xbox arcade, At that price theirs no reason why anybody would miss this gem of a game. It offers many hours of fun and has a new game plus mode with plenty of hidden things and secrets.

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Every Grand Theft Auto has been a masterpiece, But GTA 3 by far as it moved the series into 3d. Really loved the futuristic setting in GTA 2, And all the different gangs. GTA 4 had the best story and characters, And was the first to take the series online.

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Physical all the way for me too, Digital download is good for smaller games and indie titles though. Going to the game store and picking a game from the shelf is all part of the experience, I like the game case art and the smell of the ink from the manual. Game manuals are not the same anymore though, They dont have much info in them anymore. The old large PC game boxes were the best, A really miss those.

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@XenoLair said:

Happened to me a few times. All I can say is a change of genre helped, a lot.

XenoLair is right, Try a genre you have not really been into before. Its happens to me sometimes aswell. It was Dark Souls that got me into gaming again. In my 20 years of gaming, I had not experienced a game like this before, It was so refreshing.

Last year i purchased A 3DS, it was my first time owning a Nintendo system since the SNES days. That was refreshing also, And brought back lots of nostalgia.

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Just a heads up, the GOTY Edition does not contain all DLC's, it's missing all the Skin Packs, Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2 (this increases your Level Cap from 61 to 72), Bloody Harvest and all Upcoming DLC's

Not really intrested in skin packs and stuff, Maybe consider purchasing the Upgrade Pack 2 and Bloody Harvest once i have chewed my way through the content that comes with the game of the year edition.

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Will pick this up next week, Can pick this up for about 30 pounds, Thats great value for the hours of content on offer. My gamertag is Fully67.