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SSB, and Farcry 4 are the only ones that really stand out for me at this point.

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I used to be much more of one than I am now, I still play a decent amount of games, but they aren't what I spend the bulk of my time doing anymore.

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I'm currently replaying SMT: Persona 3, that and its sequel Persona 4 are probably some of my favorite RPG's from that gen, besides that FFX is really good, same with Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door, I'd recommend KOTOR as well but I"m not entirely sure how well that one has aged tbh, I haven't played it in quite some time.

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I really enjoyed it while I played it, and the story definitely had me very emotionally invested, but in the long term it really isn't one of the most memorable games I've played quality-wise if I'm being entirely honest.

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Some are good, the video game adaptation of Harry Potter COS was one of my favorite games two generations ago, same goes with Spiderman 2.

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Looking strictly at the big chains I'd have to go with Caribou coffee, although I haven't been there in years so I don't know their current quality, but I used to adore it. However, I always prefer brewing my own or going to a locally owned shop.

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I'll definitely be picking it up when it comes out for PC, the giantbomb quicklook reignited my excitement for the game.

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More Borderlands is always a delicious thing for me, although I don't know how I feel about the oxygen system.

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It's a conspiracy man.

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Pretty much anything from the Jet Set Radio series, Future specifically