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steam sale

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6 was my favorite. I played it when it was on the SNES titled as final fantasy 3. I wish they made another FF with a big cast like 6. But it'll never happen (unless they make a retro FF)

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I always hated this. It's a cheap way to artificially extend the life of a game. Games like the new Tomb Raider, Far Cry 3 all do it wrong IMO

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Nice looking game. Really disappointed with the 2nd. I'll wait and see for this one.

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with the arms reaching out for you? Wasn't that one of the boss fights in that game too?

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I think it's bad. It leads to staleness and repetitive gameplay. Ubisoft games all feel the same (the open world games that is)

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Prototype, Doom, Serious Sam, Silent Hill, Nosgoth

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Gaming will become a service.

Yup. I definitely see that happening and I know it's not going to be consumer friendly. Sony is trying to do that I think with the playstation now service. I was expecting another video game crash with all the garbage and nickel and diming going on but who knows.

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There was this weird puzzle game for the PS1 that was something like the game catherine called Intelligent Qube. I think most puzzle games would probably fall into the "Unique" category.

Echochrome, Patapon, Locoroco, Katamari games, One finger death punch, Marble Madness (at the time - smartphones with their digital sensors kinda brought a whole bunch of these marble games)

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I loved the first 2. The 3rd one put me to sleep when I played it. The 2nd was definitely better than the first.