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I like the new shadowrun. A lot of reading though.

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So many good answers here. Wouldn't be surprised about ff 15 or anything ubisoft though. So sad.

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Probably not "just you" but 60 fps is obviously and noticeably smoother than 30. 30 fps gives me a headache in any game

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I had my male Shep bang jack, because I'm a but into tatted psychologically damaged women. 1st game was Ashley, 3rd game I don't remember.

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@Archangel3371: there are a lot of trashy games on steam. Why stop with hatred valve? Why not just go ahead and remove the utterly broken games that are on your platform?

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Rogue Legacy OST - [03] Trilobyte (Castle):

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I recommend Samsung EVOs. The 850 Evo is coming out soon, which would be the best buy. An 840 Evo can be found for $100, and is an absolutely blazing SSD for the price. It's pretty much as fast as my significantly more expensive 850 Pro.

Also, I wouldn't necessarily say an SSD is "the way forward". In a way, it is, but it's more practical for users to get a smaller SSD (128-256) and then a larger HDD or hybrid drive (1tb+). SSD offers no practical boost for files you're storing and not accessing constantly, it's more of just something that boosts the speed of applications that you believe need it most.

I agree with the EVO 850

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@Lulu_Lulu: I don't remember DMC4 that much, but it certainly didn't piss me off as much as DmC (5?)

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No it doesn't.... DmC doesn't hold your hand anymore than than its predecessors do.

I meant more to the "cinematic" style of gameplay. I couldn't get past 90 minutes because of the ridiculous interruptions in gameplay and constant loss of control of your character. Probably the worst I've played. Tales of Xillia 1 was like that too, really annoyed the shit out of me.

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Those are in the minority. A lot of "cinematic" games do a lot of hand holding for the player and sometimes frequently remove control because of an over abundance of cutscenes.

i would disagree, not a lot of games do handholding. Please tell us a game that does that that isn't COD


That's one game, and i am playing it atm. It's no way as bad as COD

Tomb Raider, Thief, Final Fantasy 13. Off the top of my head. I don't play AAA games anymore so I've got nothing else.