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I always hated this. It's a cheap way to artificially extend the life of a game. Games like the new Tomb Raider, Far Cry 3 all do it wrong IMO

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Nice looking game. Really disappointed with the 2nd. I'll wait and see for this one.

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with the arms reaching out for you? Wasn't that one of the boss fights in that game too?

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I think it's bad. It leads to staleness and repetitive gameplay. Ubisoft games all feel the same (the open world games that is)

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Prototype, Doom, Serious Sam, Silent Hill, Nosgoth

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Gaming will become a service.

Yup. I definitely see that happening and I know it's not going to be consumer friendly. Sony is trying to do that I think with the playstation now service. I was expecting another video game crash with all the garbage and nickel and diming going on but who knows.

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There was this weird puzzle game for the PS1 that was something like the game catherine called Intelligent Qube. I think most puzzle games would probably fall into the "Unique" category.

Echochrome, Patapon, Locoroco, Katamari games, One finger death punch, Marble Madness (at the time - smartphones with their digital sensors kinda brought a whole bunch of these marble games)

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I loved the first 2. The 3rd one put me to sleep when I played it. The 2nd was definitely better than the first.

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I haven't played it yet. I used to look forward to a new GTA game but 4 left a sour taste in my mouth. Loved 3, Vice City and SA. Rockstar did a decent job with Max Payne 3 on the PC, so hopefully this port won't be bad (I played all GTA games on Sony systems). If the PC version comes out with all DLC I'll probably get it. If not, I'll wait for a price drop.

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Wow can't believe pro wrestling didnt make the top 100 list. That was one of the best 2 player games I played. Wrestlemania games were fun too.

I've been digging into my memory banks more. Had fun with these titles: A boy and His blob, Friday the 13th, Robocop, Xexyz, Paperboy, Adventure Island, Bases loaded (weird baseball games with super power affects), Blades of Steel (fighting game mixed with hockey lol), Bubble Bobble (hard!!), Goonies, Rampage, Simpsons (the one where you play as bart)