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Did anybody think the multiplayer was gonna be good? In fact, let's take some time and think for a second. Can anybody name any good multiplayer game for consoles?
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I recently got my first online UR kill. Now I feel like I'm totally done with this game. I got the abyss set, and everything is way too weak because no enemies get harder in new game plus. Why do you guys play this game after that? I hear people having like 50 ur online kills. I can get that, but I can't understand playing for anything else.
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They did it wayyyyy better than infamous did it. First of all, it was more than that, it was the fact that every alternate universe was linked by your daughter. Two, the fact that nothing you did really mattered in the end because you and Anna disappear. And three, in Infamous they failed at the end by making you fight someone who's clearly way stronger than you because he is you in the future. Yet you got him. IF he let himself then why didn't he just kill himself.
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Two things. One, the ending is amazing (if you actually appreciate endings, unlike a lot of gamespot users). Two, I think you will want to play through it more than once, and that's from someone who hates playing through linear stories more than once without new game plus. The game is so fluid and after the ending I just wanted more I finished it, I don't regret it.
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I thought they fought at wounded knee together?
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#1 Yes. They unfortunately redid Elizabeth during development so while she can't do 2-4, she can do some cool ass stuff later that you'll enjoy. She really becomes the best partner you could as for.
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Ummm there is an actual voxophone saying that she has the powers cause her pinky is in two universes. Plot holes are fun and all, but they aren't really valid if we don't explore.
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Bioshock 2 was just awful.
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I honestly hate mass effect. The gameplay isn't that fun, the story is drawn down by the TERRIBLE voice actor for Shepard, and the choices really don't matter.