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first of all, people rating and talking crap who ha\/ent e\/en played it.... bionic commando is awesome, i dont think ill e\/er get bored of base jumping from a huge building and hooking onto something then swinging far as hell...

2nd of all... i bought it but i know ill ne\/er get bored of it, maybe try renting it first

and can u tell my \/ key is bust :-(

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bonic commando is AWESOME!!! swingin about, kicking ass and swingin about some more... liking it alot!

infamous demo isnt that good, stood on a train making it go firing electric at people, gonna try it though still.

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skate 1 was good, a few challenges were impossible for me but in my opinion skate 2 is just a joke, the challenges are way too hard and just is no fun to play, its more like hard work trying the same crap over and over again. glad i only rented this piece of crap. and if someones gonna post 'well i have no trouble i am uber pro and did it all first try' then i dont wanna hear it lol.

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yep id also love to know, this is freaking annoying.

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I am guessing you are comparing the ps3 online to xbox live... don't... ps3 online sucks compared to xbox live.

Im not a fanboy, I have both and each have different qualities but when it comes to multiplayer/joining friends/cant make parties.., psn is just painfully frustrating and badly designed.

You cant join session in progress, see what they are playing like call of duty on 360 would say 'playing team deathmatch on nightfire' etc.

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any one found a good place to do the 30ft fall to your death? Ive tried every high point ive seen and so far no look.

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Man is that stupid or what. So thats my two issues so far (within 6 days of buying the game).

> Ruined save game (alot of wasted time and effort)

> Losing bad amounts of XP online (alot more wasted time and effort)

This game would have been so damn good if they wouldnt have rushed to release it like they so obviously have.

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